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Bonnie Floyd

Real, relatable, and refreshing is the best way to describe Bonnie Floyd. She has a contagious zeal for God and an authentic love for His people. You will always find Bonnie out among the people, and after only a few minutes with her, people experience first hand her passion for leading others into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Through a tremendous family loss, God taught Bonnie of His peace through the midst of tragedy. She shares from her heart how "Choose this day whom you will serve" has become more than just a scripture from within the pages of her Bible and how she learned to trust God through His Word. Her story captivates you, teaches forgiveness, and takes you from tears to laughter and into a celebration of God's goodness.

Bonnie has traveled the nation speaking at women’s retreats, conferences and to church congregations. Her dynamic messages bring The Scriptures Alive! Some of her favorite topics include; Choose Not To Be Offended, Submission of the Heart, Balancing Your Prayer Life and her testimony Peace in the Midst of Tragedy (soon to be published under the title “Bound by a Promise” due out Summer 2010). In addition to Bonnie’s speaking ministry, she serves as Administrator to Sheila Walsh and enjoys being a part of Sheila’s ministry as well as her own.

Bonnie and her husband Don are both California natives. However, in 2001 they moved to the great state of Texas, where they share their country home with two entertaining cats. Bonnie’s infectious laugh and love for God is catching, and will deepen your knowledge of the Word, challenge your walk and simply make you laugh out loud!

Topics Include:

In 1994, God taught Bonnie of His peace in the midst of tragedy. Her story will not only captivate your heart, but it will also move you to tears all the while celebrating God's goodness. From this tragedy, Bonnie shares from her heart how God's mercies are "new every morning" and how "choose this day whom you will serve" has become more than just a scripture from the pages of her Bible. How Bonnie has learned to forgive will inspire others to search their hearts.

On the coffee table in Bonnie's home growing up sat a balancing scale. Her Mom thought it was a lovely piece to decorate the living room with, but what she didn't know back then was that God had a plan for that scale in Bonnie's life. One day as Bonnie was studying for a new message based on prayer, her mind drifted back to when she was a little girl sitting on the floor playing with that scale as she often did. When her memory was over, the Lord ministered to her that He had brought her back to that place because He was going to teach her how to live a balanced prayer life and then she was to teach others. The result is one of Bonnie's most popular messages. She teaches that praying more than murmuring and complaining is what changes lives and the circumstances that surround us.

Submission…not a popular word is it? But oh how freeing is this seemingly binding word. In the book of Hebrews, it says that Jesus was heard by His Father in heaven because of His "reverent submission". If Jesus is our example setter then we too should be reverent in our submission to Him. This message teaches us the TRUTH about submission and how to submit to God, submit to the one God has put into authority and yes, submission as a wife.

Did you know that one of the definitions of the word offend is; to trip up or to ensnare? Not exactly what Bonnie thought it meant. But it makes perfect sense, when you think of it from a Biblical point of view. Our enemy, the devil wants nothing more then to trip us up or to ensnare us. Bonnie will take you through the scriptures and teach you how to be wise to the schemes that are set up against you. She shares personal stories of how she has learned to choose not to be offended and how it has brought peace into her life.

There is a relationship God longs to have with us, but the world and our busy lives are always interfering. In this message, Bonnie shares about a wake up call she received from the Lord regarding her personal relationship with Him. Sometimes, unintentionally we loose sight of Him as we focus on life around us. God is our source for everything we need to accomplish in our busy life. Forsaking our time with Him is a sure way to keep from being all we desire to be. One day Bonnie found herself so unable to focus on God without being distracted, that she shut her phone off and covered herself under a blanket to keep her eyes and mind from wandering. She realized the time she spends with God, not the time she spends doing things for Him, is the most important part of her day.

How can we possibly know what to do or if we are doing it right if we are not within the pages of our Bibles? This is something Bonnie strongly believes in and says each time she speaks regardless the topic. So, it was time to make this phrase into a message instead of just saying it in the midst of a subject matter. She'll take you deep into the Bible exploring and understanding scripture, by learning how to do Biblical word studies. You will learn creative ways to read the Bible and discover fascinating facts about God's Word that will amaze you. Bonnie's hope for this message is that your time in the Bible will go from discipline to desire and you will look forward to being Within the Pages of Your Bible.

" Entertaining with the Heart of God" was birthed after the death of her beloved stepmother, who was a Certified Cordon Bleu Chef. Her Mom spent countless hours preparing to dazzle and delight her guests for any occasion. After losing her Mom, Bonnie wanted to continue this tradition by applying all that she learned from her Mother. However, on one occasion Bonnie felt as though God was prompting her to incorporate Him in a more significant way than just saying grace before the meal. Thus began, "Entertaining with the Heart of God". Bonnie will give you wonderful ideas to create table settings that on their own will speak a message for Christ, or prompt discussions that will cause your guests to understand God in a greater way than they did before they arrived.


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