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Candice Smithyman

Candice Smithyman is Founder of Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute in Orange Park Florida. Candice teaches and trains pastors, leaders and seminary professors in the area of biblical life coaching and transformational life coaching. She has successfully completed her Masters of Arts in Human Relations/Christian Counseling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA , and is a Ph.D. candidate in Counseling at Liberty University. She also holds a Masters in Theology from the International College of Excellence in Tinley Park, Illinois, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University . Candice is a Board Certified Christian Counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is an ordained minister. She has been an adjunct professor at colleges and universities in Florida and Virginia

She has appeared on international and local television and radio programs including: Paula White Today show, TBN local affiliates in Texas, and the Total Living Network's Significant Living program. Her radio shows, Get Real Connection and Coffee Break with Candice, aired in 7 states. She also has been a featured guest on Radio Disney AM 600 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Candice is the published author of His Sufficiency for my Authenticity:8 Keys to Authentic Relationship with God and Others ( May 2006 release). She was the 2009 Apple Blossom Festival Prayer Brunch Featured Speaker for the Shenandoah Valley Apple Blossom Festival. This same honor has been bestowed upon leaders such as Robert Urich, Ruth Graham McIntyre, Lisa “Blair” Welchel, Kirk Cameron, and Truitt Cathy - Founder of Chic-Fil-A®. Candice has also authored curriculum and programs especially for biblical life coaches throughout the United States and Abroad. She co-pastors Freedom Destiny Center in Orange Park, FL with her husband, Adam Smithyman. They are the proud parents of three beautiful and talented children, Alexandria , Samantha, and Nicholas. Candice wants the world to know that God is alive and He heals the brokenhearted mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Topics Include:

Please note that in addition to the topics below Candice will also teach on any topic that you may desire for your group.

Get Real with God: Being Authentic:

Candice will expound on her new book release, His Sufficiency for my Authenticity: 8 Keys to Authentic Relationship with God and Others.
Pursuing Your Passion:
Candice teaches us to pursue the passion that God has placed in our hearts.

The Uncommon Heart:
There is a common ground in our life that needs to be cultivated in order for changes to take place in our lives. God wants us to be UNCOMMON for Him.

Speak It To Yourself: Prophesy to Fortify:
Candice has prepared a message on how to speak truth to yourself so God will resurrect the dry and scattered places
in your life and bring you into wholeness.

Called By His Name:
Candice teaches us to live in the fullness of carrying the name of the Lord.When we learn to live by His name He will be
glorified and people will come to know He is God.

Heal My Land:
Candice reminds us to maintain a state of revival in our hearts so we can bring the hurting home to Him.

Love Surrenders:
Candice shares five keys on how to submit to God and to the significant others in your life. She explains how to have reverence for God.

Firm Foundation:
Candice encourages believers to stand firm on their foundation in Christ and spawn onward to outreach in the world. Candice shares personal testimony from her own challenges.

Messiah Anointed Healer:
Candice discusses the differences between two women who needed healing from Christ: the fiery passion of the woman at the table and the passive approach to healing from the woman at the well. She challenges women to seek Christ deeply and passionately.

Fruitful Marriage:
Candice exhorts women that they were chosen for "such a time as this" to go and bear fruit in their homes and marriages. Candice gives examples on how God moves through women to touch those they love.

Forgive Me:
Candice shares the importance of forgiveness in a marriage so God can impart to couples His desire for restoration and a double portion of blessings in their marriages.

Covenant Confirms the Call:
Candice exhorts believers to remain steadfast in their covenant commitment to Christ, as He brings about the call on their lives in the midst of enemy confusion.

A Destiny Discovered:
Candice outlines five steps for realizing your destiny. You will discover that the destiny God places in your heart is really a vision of who Christ is, and how He wants to manifest Himself to the world.

Conviction Conquers the Consequences:
Candice imparts confidence to the believer through encouraging one to stand on their conviction in Christ. Through conviction the consequences of unbelief can be conquered, and the promises of God fulfilled in their lives.

Living In The Desert:
Candice shares seven lessons to prepare you for your desert challenges. God is testing you and proving you
during this time so he can give you your promise. It is here you must learn to cast Christ into your bitterwaters to heal and prepare you for the blessing ahead.

Love Breathes:
Candice shares insights on how to love yourself as God loves you and then impart this love to your neighbor. The
concept of learning to love yourself is a difficult one for Christians, so she shares personal insights on how to follow this command.

Positions of Faith:
How do I position myself to receive the promises of God? Candice shares five key principles
to help the listener position themselves by faith to receive the promises of God and to live a life pleasing to God.

Power to Prosper:
We must learn to remove the obstacles to our prosperity through our authority in Christ. Candice will encourage you to build your confidence in God's power so that you can excel in the face of internal and external barrier.

Soul Satisfaction:
" What satisfies your soul?' and "What is the treasure you hold deep in your heart?" Christ must be our treasure! Join Candice in learning the benefits of the kingdom of God.

Standing Firm:
Candice reveals 10 principles to stand on as we wait for the gate of opportunity and hold fast in the face of temptation. These principles are standards which will assist us in holding our position prior to the harvest.

Stretch Out Your Hand:
Would you like to see your wife, husband, or children saved? This message will teach and train you in the benefits of stretching out your hand to release the power of God in your life so you can inherit God's promises and provision for you.

Tearing Down the Strongholds:
Do you want to be set free from strongholds that the enemy has on your life? This message will trainyou to be set free from bondages and you will learn how to be released from captivity due to anger and other debilitating thoughts, images, and emotions.

Give Until It Hurts:
She will challenge you to stretch beyond yourself and your means to see the anointing of God really
flow in your life. If we are not faithful to use the measure of God's gifts and anointing we restrict our own spiritual growth.

Spiritual Disciplines for Transformation
Candice shares the 12 Spiritual Disciplines to greater growth in Christ. She challenges you to be obedient to practice the disciplines so that your soul may be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Emotion Coaching for your Family & Relationships
Do you have family members who cannot regulate their emotions very well. If so, your not alone. Learn the secret to having healthy relationships through practicing the steps of "emotion coaching" with your family and friends. Candice shares how to develop your relationships through this practice.

Heavenly Strategies for Living
Candice shares with you strategies for living that will help you turn your obstacles into opportunities. These strategies can be used daily and will help you fly like an eagle in all you do.

Road to Destiny
Learn 4 key steps to determining your destiny that will increase your desire to move toward God's call on your life.

Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Depression
Candice gives the R-A-I-D model to exterminate the fear, anxiety and depression in your life.

Keys to Promotion: Taking Your Mountain
Candice shares 3 key steps to promotion in the kingdom of God. God has a call on your life but you need to learn the boundaries to be able to walk in the calling. These steps help you get off the ledge and move into taking your mountain.

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