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Chad Eastham

Author and Revolve Tour speaker Chad Eastham speaks to hundreds of thousands of teens each year. He also serves as a column writer and a teen culture expert through Healthy Visions, a research agency for teens. Chad has written award-winning health curriculum, educational DVD's, as well four books just for teens.

Chads new bestseller, Guys Are Waffles Girls Are Spaghetti is packed full of the answers about the opposite sex that they crave! The other sex can seem as confusing as cafeteria mystery meat. But take a look ahead in the lunch line and you'll find the perfect food group-waffles and spaghetti. In this hilarious, yet amazingly insightful book, discover the secrets behind why guys and girls think and act so differently. Guys' brains have little compartments like a waffle, and there they keep most aspects of their lives separated. Girls' brains are like spaghetti, because they tend to keep everything in their lives connected. Learn how to talk so a "waffle" will listen, and how to understand the "spaghetti-ish" conversations that you will encounter your entire life. Learning about waffles and spaghetti will make a difference in real-life issues like dating, sex, friendships, body language, and communication skills of every kind. So dig in for the insights you've been craving.

Chad's new book to be released in January 2011, with potentially the longest book title ever, The Truth about Dating, Love, and Just Being Friends . . .and how not to be miserable as a teenager because, seriously, life is short and things are going to get magically better after high school, and lots of other important stuff, but we'll get to that later . . .

is sure to be lots of fun and intriguing for all the teens out there who really wonder about love, happiness, and all of the complications of life as a teen today. Chad's message to teens is fun, honest, factual, and leaves them with the resounding message that they are important, imperfect, and that they can make great decisions because they can, not because they are supposed to.

He currently lives in Nashville, but does not say, "y'all."

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