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Frances Worthington
Desert Flower Ministries

Frances Worthington knows what it is like to be on the roller coaster of life. She grew up in the church and came to a relationship with Jesus Christ at 7 years old in the basement of a rural Alabama church and has never doubted His love for her. Through school and into college Frances was a leader in campus ministries, participated in mission trips all over the United States, and even married a minister.

But, in spite of all of this training, she became an addict... a spiritual high addict. She lived from Bible study to Bible study, conference to conference, and Sunday to Sunday. Yet, when the studies were over, the conference ended, and Monday morning came along, she didn't know how to thrive in this life. She merely survived.

At one of the many conferences she attended, God spoke to her and she knew that He was calling her to a daily life of consistency and commitment. From that moment, Frances dove deep into God's Word and found the Bread of Life. She began to learn what it was like to be "satisfied as with the riches of food" Ps. 63:5.

As she began to thrive and not merely survive in this life, God's call became clear for her to strengthen her sisters in the faith and be an exciting example to those who do not know Jesus Christ's love. She founded Desert Flower Ministries and is the author of Satisfy Our Souls: A cry from the desert. Through all she does, her desire is to equip women of all ages to thrive in their deserts.

Frances speaks at ladies retreats, mother/daughter teas, MOPS meetings, youth conferences, and missions emphasis events. She has had the opportunity to join God all over the United States, India, and Africa with the message of Christ's abundant joy!

Frances is married to Jay, who is an associate pastor of students, and is the mother of two glorious girls. They make their home in Roswell, Georgia where together they have learned what it means to thrive in the deserts of life. They love laughing, drinking hot tea, and just enjoying the ride of life!

Popular Topics:

Satisfy Our Souls: A cry from the desert
This is a series of lessons from Frances' Bible journeying alongside the Israelite people in the desert. It will be an in depth study of Exodus 16 and the lessons God can teach each one of us in our desert times

Jars of Clay
This is based on a study of 2 Corinthians 4:7 and John 1:1-5 using different kinds of jars as object lessons. We will discover the kind of jar God desires us to be so that the Light of the World shines brightly in our lives

The Call of Hope to the Exiles
We are all familiar with Jeremiah 29:11, but there is so much more to this chapter! We will dive into Jeremiah 29 and find God's call to those in exile and see that there is hope in all our circumstances with God at the center. There is hope

Clothing of the Beloved
We will study Ezekiel 16 and see that God clothes His beloved in garments of precious meaning. If we will remain faithful to Him (unlike Jerusalem) we will find our identity is in the things of God and not what the world wants to clothe us in.

Miriam is so much like each of us! She was one of the very first lady worship leader on the banks of the Red Sea, but we will find that she allowed jealousy to creep into her life. We will be challenged by a study of Numbers 12 and the ugly reality behind jealousy.

The Sand Dollar Life
We can learn a lot from the sand dollar. God desires that we live a pure and whole life so that a dying world that is shattered by the waves of life will stop and notice we are different. By studying Psalm 1 we will see how this is possible.

To Live Is Christ
A beautiful glimpse into the victory of living Christ. Philippians 1:21 challenges us to live Christ…what does that mean? We will explore the person of Christ together and see that living Christ is abundant living indeed!

The Sword of the Spirit
This is a practical session on how to use the Word of God in the Spirit. This piece of armor is vital to our victory on this earth. We will also study how Jesus used this sword in Luke 4 and glean truth from His battle of temptation with Satan.

Breaking the Cycle
We all seem to have cycles in our lives. We live from highs with God and then bottom out a week later. Hosea 2 will shed light on cyclical living and how we can break out of the cycle of being a spiritual high addict.

Missions Emphasis
I have joined God's work in India and Africa. I enjoy being able to share what God has taught me through these experiences of faith.


Frances Worthington believes that a personal relationship with Jesus and spending time in Scripture can truly satisfy a person's soul. Her passion for the Word emanates from her as she speaks. She is dynamic and creative in illustrating her point and making it relevant to her audience, whether young or mature, whereby they can identify themselves and apply the appropriate truths to their lives.
I highly recommend her as a speaker for any ladies group of any age range because she speaks from her heart and thus touches her listeners' hearts, and that is where it really matters.

Chyrel Panlilio
Forest Park Baptist Church
Women's Enrichment Ministries.

Frances' willingness to be transparent and share her life and day to day struggles is a blessing. To see how God brings her joy through consistently being in His Word is inspiring and encouraging. Through Frances God brought new life to His Word for the ladies of our church.

Meredith Yancey
WMU Director
Calvary Baptist Church

By being so open about her life, struggles, and her own walk with the Lord, Frances draws you in and that frees you to be open and honest about your own struggles. Her visuals add an additional depth to her already amazing testimony. We had 16 speakers in our MOPS group last year and almost every mom requested that we have her back this year – which we are!! We can’t wait to see where she will take us this year!

Teri Creamer
MOPS Coordinator,
Alpharetta GA


As the pastor’s wife of Southside Baptist Church, Athens, Alabama, and current Ladies Coordinator, I have had the privilege of having Frances Worthington speak on two separate occasions to our ladies’ group. Frances is a dynamic speaker, who passionately shares the love of Christ in a very candid way. Her tender and personal relationship with the Lord is evident in her teaching as her message comes straight from the heart. While the source of her message is clearly Scripture, she is able to relate that Biblical message by sharing experiences from her own day to day walk with Christ. More than a year and a half later, the women of Southside continue to echo portions of the message Frances shared in 2005. Each time Frances has come we have been encouraged by her faith, energized by her personality and challenged in the Word. If your women’s group desires a speaker who will bring Biblical teaching with poignant application, then I strongly recommend Frances Worthington.

Brooke Thompson
Ladies Coordinator
Southside Baptist Church


It was truly amazing how the LORD used Frances to meet the various needs of the ladies from my church. All the ladies have varying backgrounds and needs, but GOD spoke to everyone’s heart through Frances. All of the ladies went home changed because of the lessons GOD taught us through her.

Angie Stephens
WEM Ladies Retreat Coordinator.

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