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Jenn Doucette

Jenn Doucette is the mother and caregiver of three children, four chickens, and a cat (and one Beta fish, who doesn't look like he'll make it through the week). Jenn's specialty as a writer and speaker is filling up the half-empty glass of motherhood, ladling in a touch of juice from the lemons of life, and stirring it all together with the sweetness of humor.

Her ministry, Daisy Ministries, is about sharing encouraging stories with other women which toast the difficult yet hilarious realities of being a mother. She regularly presents her talk, "Finding JOY! in Motherhood," to women all over the Northwest and beyond. Jenn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Trinity Western University. She and her husband, Ben, make their home in Snohomish, Washington.

Having grown up in a family with two sisters, two girl cats, and a girl dog, Jenn learned from the very beginning the joys of being around girlfriends! Over the years, the Lord has used Jenn to minister to women through her stories and personal struggles as a Christian woman living in the real world of diapers, deadlines, and doctor visits.

Jenn created Daisy Ministries as a vehicle to reach other women in need of a laugh, a hug, and some Spiritual encouragement. The name is inspired by Jenn's favorite laundry folding movie-of-choice, Please Don't Eat the Daisies.

D.A.I.S.Y. stands for "Helping Women Discover, Anticipate, Identify, and Seek after Yahweh, God." Her mission statement is "To glorify the Lord Jesus by reaching women through humor and authenticity, in hopes of showing the relevance of Scripture to our daily lives."
As a speaker, Jenn's passion is to share her sense of humor and laughter with other women, while examining some of the hardships of life as well. The lessons Jenn shares are sprinkled with everyday encounters with God's grace and peace she has experienced over the last 30 years of being a Christian.

Jenn's strength is presenting to larger groups as a keynote speaker. She speaks to MOPS groups, MOMS groups, ladies' functions, and Women's Christian Conferences. Each session runs between 45 - 60 minutes. References and fee information are available upon request.

Jenn has been involved with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church for over thirty years. She and her family have attended Mountian View Community Church for almost twenty years.

Jenn’s new book, The Velveteen Mommy – Laughter and Tears from the Toy Box Years, was published by NavPress Publishing House and released in July 2005. In describing her book, Jenn says, "My book is about the stresses and often hidden joys of being a mom. It takes you on a laugh-out-loud journey through the trenches of parenthood. I share stories about the failings many of us experience, as well as the lessons God teaches us through them. My hope is to encourage with humor and honesty."

In her (ahem) free time, Jenn enjoys reading, gardening, playing with her kiddos, snuggling with her cat, Belle, watching movies, and learning to play the guitar.

Speaking Topics for Moms:

Finding JOY! in Motherhood-
There's no two ways about it — motherhood is tough! It's also hilarious, frustrating and fun. Not only does our Creator God understand these difficulties, He is with us and gives us HIS strength and joy in the midst of them.

Tales From the Crib-
From labor pains to hosting slumber parties, we mothers learn the hard way to give unconditional love to our children.

Real Moms-
There's no such thing as the perfect mother. The Brady Bunch was no reality television show. The pressure is off, girlfriends, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief; Just like Mr. Rogers, God loves you just the way you are!

Velveteen Mommies-
Much like the beloved Velveteen Rabbit, the newness and freshness of motherhood tends to wear off with time. However, we'll learn that the losses we experience don't come close to the gains (and I'm not talking about pounds!) No pain — no gain!

Speaking Topics for Women:

Hands-On Helpers-
God doesn't need our help! How wonderful it is that He allows us to help in His kingdom work. When we're tuned into His heart, we find that obedience is a blessing. and helping is truly a privilege.

Taste of the Holidays-
It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year! It's also the most stressful, most busy, most expensive, and most fattening. Let's set aside the festivities for a moment to "Taste and see that the LORD is good." Psalm 34:8 **(Christmas Season Presentation)

Bloom Where You're Planted-
We'll take a closer look at the ever-elusive enigma of contentment and realize that when God is our Great Gardner, He is both tender and trustworthy.

Returning to Our First Love-
As believers, we have been Called, Changed, and Commissioned by our bridegroom, Jesus. Let's discover some ways to keep our eyes on Him as He daily woos us to His side.


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