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Julie Barnhill

Julie Barnhill is the “Refreshingly Relevant” voice of authentic living for women across the globe. Armed with a razor-sharp acerbic wit, Julie dedicates herself to proclaiming the sublime, sentimental, and sometimes subversive, truths of life, home, and family. Coupled with a disarmingly charming self-deprecating sense of humor, she unapologetically sets herself apart as Author, Spokesperson, International/National Speaker, Popular Media Guest and Mothering Expert.

Her uncanny ability to both inspire and challenge audiences to action and change can be attributed to her consistently authentic presentation on stage, radio, television, and in books regarding who she is, where she’s been, and what she’s learned along the way to entertain, inspire, equip, and help others.

Julie tackles subjects from the sublime (learning to embrace ones cellulite) to the very serious and provocative (motherhood, anger, and abuse) and successfully melds wit and humor with bold expert directives.

Radio Producers can't get enough of Julie's keen talent & innate ability to present socially relevant content all the while acting as a catalyst for Talk Radio listener responses. Time and time again, she's proven she can be counted on to extract pertinent newsworthy material no matter the time frame she's allowed.

Television Producers know Julie delivers demonstrable expertise with lively and energetic sizzle!


Clearwater Lodge Women's Conference, Spokane, WA
I just wanted to let you know that Andy & I just went over the evaluations, & the women loved you! They appreciated your honesty, humor, experiences, practical advice, personal touch & the Scripture that you used. Many were challenged in their faith & refreshed by the assurance of God's forgiveness & grace.

Elizabeth Hewe
Conference Planner

R.G. Mitchell Family Books Sales Conference; Toronto, Ontario Canada
Julie, thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to come to Toronto and speak to our sales team. How wonderful it was to see our male sales reps show us their feminine side - complete with hanky wave! You are a tremendous speaker and enthralled the audience for the entire time you were with us! You have made it easy for ANY and ALL of us to confirm WE ARE A MESS! (And it's okay to be that way!) You are just so real and speak truth - how refreshing! Our sales team loved you! We look forward to meeting up with you again! Bless you!

Linda Pineau
Sales Support Co-ordinator

It's All About Women! Wellness Retreat
"Julie, I can't tell you how pleased I was with your keynote address. The women really connected with you. Your wit, wisdom, and gift of expression touched everyone in our audience. We were extremely pleased with the attendance and the response we received has been overwhelmingly positive!"

Diane Stout
Vice President of Business Development
Medical Center of Arlington

Most Requested Speaking Topics:

One Tough Mother
Unapologetically raucous and refreshingly relevant, OTM gives you ten nonnegotiable ways to stand firm and be the mom. You'll learn how to: say no like you mean it; stop overanalyzing every tiny detail; enhance the fun factor in your home; delight in your perfectly ordinary child; save yourself from scrapbooking madness, and more. You can be confident, loving, and in-charge.

She's Gonna Blow!
Real help for moms (and dads and caregivers) dealing with the rewarding, yet challenging, task of parenting. Julie offers large doses of humor and practical strategies for coping with the big emotions of anger sometimes evoked by the spawnlings in your home. Get a handle on those emotions with "here and now" hope and help as you learn healthier ways of expressing anger, identify and let go your particular control issues, and implement strategic choices for a more peaceful home and heart.

You Go, Girlfriend
Do you want to laugh? I mean really life?! Would you like to be reminded of the outrageous blessing of being female and having wonderful women called girlfriends in your life? Are you ready to wave a hanky and take a trip down memory lane as Julie reminds you of all that unites us in XX chromosome glory!? Then sign on for this flat-out hilarious keynote and workshop which promises more laughs than you can handle.

Motherhood & Guilt
You can't have Oreo's without a glass of cold milk. There would be no Lone Ranger without Tonto. And where would Mary Kate be without Ashley? Alas, some things just go together and all too often (let's say most often, shall we) motherhood is accompanied by the overwhelming, sometimes debilitating, emotion of guilt and second guessing. Julie explores its multiple layers and helps audiences distinguish true guilt from false guilt; identify the "peaks" of guilt they struggle with; recognize what they have done right as a parent; and spot the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations.

Radical Forgivness
How do you forgive those who have hurt you? Why should you? And how do you forgive yourself for the dumb mistakes you've made? With typical gutsy humor and friendly, sassy style, Julie tackles the oft worn subject of forgiveness with fresh insight and startling clarity.

I've Never Told This to Anyone
Julie believes it's way past time we talked about the secrets many of us have packed around from year to year. Time we came clean with ourselves and God about the choices we've made and their consequences. Drawing from hundreds of survey responses and intimate conversations with thousands of women over the past ten years, she gently but boldly states the truth of our past--the sexual secrets which have kept us tied up in shame and guilt--and challenges women to forgive themselves and others and lay hold of the hope we can all have for our future--no matter what we've done or where we've been.

Scandalous Grace
With tender vulnerability and uncompromising challenge, Julie joyfully initiates her listeners to the crazy, unpredictable, and scandalous--that is, the shocking, extreme, and outrageous grace of God toward women. It's for those who aren't perfect and who may feel they are a grave disappointment to God and others due to their weight, lack of talent, mental acuity, sexual mishaps, tarnished past, and stubbornness. Whew! That would cover about anyone and everyone. Scandalous Grace is all about wrapping our minds around the preposterous nature of divine grace, embracing it for ourselves, and then extending it to those around us.

Higher Up & Deeper In
Many women are anxious to increase their knowledge when it comes to prayer, Bible knowledge, and an overall understanding of how scriptural truth can shape and influence their lives in the midst of day-to-day living. Julie discusses effective and realistic ways to strengthen your faith and reveals seven core truths which will take you 'higher up and deeper in' with your relationship with Christ and the world around you.

Bring on the pumpkin pie, turkey, wassail, fudge, tinsel, and good times, as Julie instructs you on how to survive The Season without resorting to therapy, Prozac, or homicide.

Stretch, Woman, Stretch
It's a Western Illinois agriculture fact: if corn stalk roots grow shallow, rather than deep, there's going to be trouble when the predictable Midwest thunderstorms and winds come blowing through. So too our lives as women of faith. It's imperative we attend to the 'state of our roots.' And this applies more than just the colored ones on our head. You'll find practical live-it-out suggestions for women longing to be more rooted in what they believe.

This I Know to be True
Nearly two decades of mothering experience with three spawnlings laid the experiential groundwork for this powerfully poignant (and funny) keynote dedicated to proclaiming the sublime, silly, sentimental, and sometimes subversive, truths of home and family

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