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Kathy Slamp

Are you looking for a presenter who is refreshing, down-to-earth, and relevant to today’s world? If so, you have found such a person in Kathy Slamp of Vessel Ministries. Her speaking takes her from coast to coast where she speaks to groups of all sizes and many different denominations. Kathy’s sincerity and sense of humor endear her to audiences wherever she goes; her spiritual depth and life experiences make her someone with whom people easily relate.

During the summers, Kathy serves as a naturalist in Alaska for a major cruise line. In this capacity she blends her knowledge of Alaska with her first hand childhood experi-ences as a missionary’s daughter. Each week she speaks to men and women from every country in the world and all 50 states. Kathy taught public school for many years at all levels (kindergarten - college) and served as a high school assistant principal. She is married to Dr. David A. Slamp who is a pastor in Oregon. They have two grown children--a married son in Wash. State and a daughter in New York City. They have two grandsons.

Through her speaking and writing, Kathy inspires and challenges audiences to grasp the basic and vital Biblical concept that we are all chosen to carry this amazing treasure which is Christ in you is the hope of glory.As Christians in today’s tough world, God chooses to use each and every one of us as His vessels! Men and women leave the conferences where Kathy presents both encouraged and ready to meet the challenges of the world in which they live!


B.A. in Education, NW Nazarene University
M.Ed., Washington State University
Admin. Certificate, W. Texas A & M University

Speaking Topics:

A Vessel of Honor... God has no method to reveal His love to a hurting, dying world than through us. This message (II Cor. 4:7) encourages people to have confidence in their vessels in order to share the amazing treasure--which is: Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Between the Devil & the Deep Red Sea... Based on the life of Moses and the Exodus, this message helps audiences understand that when they are at their ultimate extremities and in an imposs- ible situation, that is when God can work a miracle.

A River Runs Under It... Suffering or pain in some form is an intregal part of everyone's life. This message teaches that joy is not fabricated, but is accessed through our pain. Underneath all pain, there can be a river of "joy in the Lord" despite circumstances.

You've Got Dad's Hands... This mess- age (John 14) helps listeners see that although the world cannot see the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, His spirit can be seen in our lives. The life of the spirit is not what is seen, but what is felt through our spirits.

Lifeboats or Luxury Liners? The church in America is so blessed that it's difficult for us to realize that people are floundering and dying all around us. In 2003 Kathy witnessed a spectacular rescue at sea. In this message Kathy blends her knowledge of the scriptures with her unique storytelling style, and augments them with graphic photos of this incident. This message is a stirring challenge to the church to get out of our "luxury liner" churches with all the opulence and beauty, get into the lifeboats, and "rescue the perishing."

The Glory Hole... Based on Psalms 92, this message focuses on the need for God's continued "anointing" on our lives. Yesterday's blessings were for then, but He has glory and blessing available to us now. This message is a great source of encouragement and blessing to audiences. From "glory to glory" He's changing me!

Dealing With Stress In an Uptight World... This message addresses the stresses and pressures that confront us daily and gives us clear scriptural answers for them. It reveals the cycle of dispair and the pattern of discourage-ment that we can fall prey to when we are not well-rested both physically and in the Lord. (It is one of Kathy's most requested messages).

So! This Is What I Get for Being Loyal! From the parable of the prodigal son, this message focuses on the older brother. Many Christians today are doing many right things for a lot of the wrong reasons. This message reminds us that when our hearts aren't pure, we can become victims of bitterness, resentment, and a judgemental atti- tude. It's, then, impossible for us to "Come to the Party."

Heaven? I'm Going There! What's this life all about anyway? We know that there is a better place, but life sidetracks us, and we soon forget about God's promise of heaven. This "scripture-packed" message about heaven will bless, challenge, and inspire the hearer to keep focused on our ultimate goal--heaven--the joy of being with Jesus and the thrill of taking others with us.

Stuck in Winnemucca... And other topics are available to fit your theme as requested.

Also Available:
Kathy conducts a highly effective one-day seminar for pastors and church office workers.

Travels From: Oregon