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Kimberly Sowell

I'm about as real as they come. I often misspell my name when I'm typing, all of my sweatshirts endorse my college football team, I wear high heels to the grocery store, and I've been known in a pinch to serve fruit rollups for breakfast to my three children. (They're ages 5 and under – they'll survive!) Yet as a woman of God, the cause of Christ grips my soul and is the driving force in how I choose to fill my days. I close my eyes and see the millions of forgotten faces, forgotten by man but never by God, who desperately need to drink of the Living Water of Jesus, and somehow I will be a part of getting the good news to their ears.

No one can paint a picture like God, and when I read Revelation 7:9, my eyes fill with tears as I catch a glimpse of every tribe, every tongue, every nation worshipping in white before God's throne. I want to look around and see faces I recognize because I chose to live my days to "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" (Matt. 6:33). So until that day in eternity, I'm following Jesus and joyfully loving my babies (usually with fruits and vegetables!), cleaving to my husband, studying and teaching God's Word, boldly pleading with Christian women to love the Lord fervently and love the lost enough to embrace holiness and talk about Jesus, recording on paper whatever wisdom or wit God would flow through my pen, and counting the days until my next mission trip.

What a joy to serve Jesus! And what an honor to minister to the women of God. I will prayerfully look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming event, my sister in Christ! May you go forth today with a kingdom heart.

Kimberly Sowell,M.Div., has reached thousands of women through her high-energy messages fueled by a deep love for Jesus. She's funny, she's full of energy, and she's highly engaging, but her messages are life-changing because she teaches the Word of God.

Kimberly's life experiences give her messages a flair of variety. She has traveled across the globe to speak and minister to women, and she loves to sprinkle amazing stories of how God is at work around the world. She is a mom of three and has fought the battle of infertility, so you can expect her child-rearing trials and triumphs to be a source of humor and warmth. She has authored and co-authored eleven Bible studies and devotion books for women, and her depth of study of Scripture overflows when she speaks to women's groups.

Kimberly is a graduate of Southeastern Seminary and is the founder and president of Kingdom Heart Ministries, a ministry dedicated to inspiring women to make their relationship with Jesus Christ the center of who they are and how they live. Through Kingdom Heart, Kimberly's ministry includes speaking at women's events and retreats, women's spiritual revival weekends, writing, missions training, and evangelism. Kimberly has been featured on various television and radio programs, including the Strength for Living radio program of the North American Mission Board. She also writes for a popular women's magazine and serves as the director of missions mobilization and women's ministry at her home church in Lancaster, South Carolina.

Whether it's messages of spiritual growth or down-home humor, in-depth Bible study or evangelistic events, what does her audience say about her? "She's real, and that's refreshing."

Speaking Topics:

Lost on a Familiar Road
Let God change your mind and recapture the joy of the Lord

Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny
Looking through the eyes of Esther, how will you respond to the divine opportunities of your life?

The Bride of Christ
Need a boost? Rediscover what Jesus the Bridegroom has said about you, the bride of Christ.

I Can't Get No Satisfaction
A humorous and deeply challenging appeal for personal contentment

Feeling Free
Life is the amazing race; are you prepped to win?

Getting from Here to There
Are you ready to take some adventurous steps on your spiritual journey? Get in position to go deeper with Christ.

Standing Still or Stepping Out
Based on the life of David, dare to live courageously with a faith that refuses to stand still.

Martha: From Committed to Surrendered
She's quirky and she's funny , but what can we learn from our sister Martha?

Journey to Confidence
Get in gear to be the powerful and compelling light of Christ.

For Marriages Conferences and Retreats:

Where the Grass Is Greener
God knows where the grass Is greener! This message is full of belly laughs, yet hits oh-so-close to home.

Motherhood Events:

Raising kingdom-hearted kids in a me-centered world

What people are saying

Kimberly was educational, inspiring, and used practical tips to help the women in the Baptist Convention of New York territory witness for Christ.
She was fun, energetic, concise and clear on the commission Christ has given each woman. Kimberly was a joy to work with for this evangelistic event.
-- Cathy Meyer, Women's Missions and Ministry Director, Baptist Convention of New York

What a blessing Kimberly was to all of us; making us laugh, touching our hearts. The ladies have been full of grace and strutting confidence of renewed faith in their walk. We have been encouraged, our load lightened, and more determined to be used of God.
-- Darlene Jolly, Sacramento Womens Missionary Union, California

Kimberly's amazing gift is to put you in the very 'sandals' of a Bible character so you can experience familiar Bible stories in a whole new way! She does this with humor and God-given insight into His Word. Women left our event that day with a deep desire to more fully know Jesus, the Living Word, through the written Word.
-- Chris Jarrell, Womens Ministry Director, First Baptist Church, North Augusta, South Carolina

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