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Kristi Lee Kennedy

Kristi is a Published Author, National Speaker, Pro- fessional Certified Health Coach and she has been involved in ministry, business and politics for the past three decades. Hit with trials she didn't ex- pect, Kristi and her kids have overcome Autism, Lupus, Celiac Disease, Cerebellar Ataxia, Lyme's Disease, Lead/Mercury Poisoning and more. She's also overcome severe financial loss, sole parenting and providing for five children while homeschooling without any government programs and then paying off $40,000 of debt in ONE year! How? Impossible without the supernatural power of God which Kristi is passionate about sharing with others and how they too can experience overcoming obstacles in life through Christ!

Surviving incredible traumas, she remains bitter free, has five children growing in the Lord and a zest for life that will encourage you to persevere while overcoming obstacles fulfilling your own life purpose. Kristi imparts how to go from victim to victory in Christ and how to avoid a mindset of Entitlement; instead, focusing on Empowerment through Christ. By surrendering to God, He has developed in her family a heart of forgiveness, gratitude and service. Resulting in each of them experiencing the supernatural power of God! Kristi is a passionate single woman living in purity and walking by faith. She has experienced firsthand the amazing blessings from our Lord when one steps out, leaning on and trusting in Him for all things.

Kristi is proficient addressing many types of audiences. From women's conferences, family retreats and youth groups to professional and medical seminars. People are impacted and lives are changed forever. She tailors her speaking accordingly.

Kristi's experiences are vast as is her energy to encourage, equip and educate others to persevere in life, utilizing the fundamental principles from our Lord which leaves audiences action oriented - changing lives for the Glory of God.

Popular Topics:

Parenting with Purpose
Desire peace and harmony within any home? Discover how Christ centered parenting works through capturing the heart of your child despite your unique circumstances.

Autism and Health
Recovery from severe autism is possible. Through her research in recovering her son, Kristi also recovered from Lupus. Learn how to maximize your life calling through extraordinary health.

Passion with Purity
God created us as passionate people. Learn how that passion mixes with purity while single. Purity of heart is essential in the midst of a defining moment. Kristi shares how to succeed!

Homeschooling 18 years against all odds: special needs children, severe dyslexia, five teens as a solo parent and provider. Anything is possible with God! What He calls us to do, He equips us to do!

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