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Leigh Gray

Passion and authentic realness exudes from Leigh Gray. She is transparent and captivating as she shares her successes and failures of her walk with the Lord. Leigh connects with her audience, communicating through wit, humor, and a genuine heart. Poured over in prayer and of course Biblically based, Leigh's messages will inspire, motivate, and enlighten women all over the world.

Married to Clayton, Leigh has four children: Tucker, Emmajoy, Sarahjane, and Elleigh. She is the author of Mommy Moments Devotional Book and a certified speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministry as well as their Prayer Ministry Director. As a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor, Leigh directed the aerobic ministry at her home church for the past 10 years. Leigh enjoys lunch dates with friends, family adventures, fitness, playing sports, and especially Friday night dates with her husband!

Speaking Topics -

Authentic Parenting: Building a 5-Star Family
Leigh discusses how to keep your children on the right path.

A Balanced Lifestyle
Listen closely as Leigh shares the secrets she's learned of living a balanced life!

Beauty and the Bedroom
Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover the intimacy God created for marriage.

But GOD, What Do You Really Want From Me?
Leigh shares a three-step process of finding out exactly what the Lord desires from you and for you as you pursue His perfect will.

Can I Be Her? Getting to Know Mrs. Proverbs 31
Put real practicality to the woman we desire to become, but are so afraid to pursue.

Close Encounters
Leigh uses teachings of Beth Moore to look at who was a friend of God and who can be a friend of God.

Far and Away
Learn how we show Jesus to strangers without knowing it and also how when we move away from God, we make ourselves a stranger to Him.

He Raised Me Up
In this session, Leigh reminds us that He will make a way for those He calls. Let's explore the ways He will raise you up!
He Supplies the Sunscreen
Through an in-depth look at Isaiah 58:11, Leigh shows us how the Lord Jesus can replenish our worn out state and bring renewal and hope to the most barren soul.

Christmas Hearts and Holiday Hope
Leigh takes us on a holiday journey inviting us to learn from a woman whose heart and life was changed that first Christmas.

I Am Blessed!
We cannot earn our salvation - yet we are blessed. Learn to live victoriously in this blessing! Learn to live in such a way that God's favor is ever present in your life!

Oh No, I Have a Middle Child Who Needs All My Time!
This session will totally change the way you parent your child! Using the principles from Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages of Children, Leigh helps you discover what love language speaks directly to your child.

Radical Faith – The Woman of Esther
Come visit the book of Esther and see how the Lord radically blessed her for radical obedience.

The Role of a Wife
In marriage, there are specific roles we can have to make or break our relationship with our husbands. Leigh helps us experience the role we're designed to have as wives.

Up Close and Personal
Family can be the most difficult of all relationships with which to be at peace. They see our ups and downs and yet are supposed to love us the same.

Testimonials -

"I have known Leigh Gray for many years, and I have rarely known a woman with a stronger character, or a more Godly spirit, than Leigh. She has a phenomenal heart, and a mind to match. Not only should we listen to what God has shown her, the Christian world would do well to follow her example. Eternity is too long, and time is too precious, to play games. She is the real thing."
Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner
Dean- Liberty Theological Seminary

Whether you are 16years old or 76 years young, Leigh Gray will stir your heart and lead you down the path to a deeper walk with the Lord. The Lord uses her to send forth His word in a practical everyday way that is both useful and life-changing. Her passion for the Lord will leave you wanting more of His presence and her joy will leave you smiling!
Teresa Cocke
Event Planner and Speaker, Mason, Tn.

Leigh has a heart for God and women of all ages. Her enthusiasm for the Lord is contagious. Leigh's grace and simplicity allow God's truth to come shining through."
Tammy Meadows
Event Planner, Florida

" Leigh Gray did a wonderful job for our Women's Annual Retreat. She spoke three times and each time it got better and better. Leigh taught scripture in a relevant way that came alive for women in our group regardless of their background or where they are spiritual. She also spent time eating and fellowshiping with individuals in between the sessions and really got to know some of the women. That really meant a lot to them to see that Leigh is a real person, not just someone up front with all the answers. She did a great job weaving humor and reality throughout her talks with a perfect balance of truth and grace. We were so blessed to have her and believe God will use her to build His kingdom and equip His saints for His glory...for years to come."
Edith Kerns
Director of Women's Ministry

We had Leigh speak for our first ever Women's Conference this year. Our women were needing a different perspective on who the Proverbs 31 Women really was according to today's standards. Leigh was able to speak from experience and showed that she lived the way she spoke. We all walked away witha better understanding of the type of Godly woman we are supposed to be. She spoke with passion and sincerity. We will definatly have her back again to speak. Thank you Leigh for your insight.
Melissa West, event planner
Madison, Indiana

When Leigh Gray speaks, her love for God shines through. She sets her audience at ease and makes them feel as though they have been life long friends. Leigh's knowledge of Scripture, along with her vibrant prayer life, combine to make the Bible come alive.
Sharon Jaynes
Speaker and Author

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