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Sauni Rinehart

Sauni Rinehart is an active speaker, vocalist, and writer whose passion is to equip and encourage women to grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Founder of Triple-E Ministries, she desires to be used by God to positively impact lives in everything she does. Weaving her own experiences with abuse, infertility, chronic pain and marriage to an unbelieving spouse, Sauni speaks of the hope that comes only in knowing Jesus.

Sauni's mission is to positively impact lives; encourage, equip, and edify; and help grow God's Kingdom.

In addition to her ministry, Sauni works full time at the Evangelical Christian Credit Union, where she helps to increase the effectiveness of ministries. She also works part time at Hope International University teaching writing and literature classes.

Sauni has been happily married to Russ since 1988, and they are the proud owners of two sweet-but rambunctious-Labrador Retrievers. Sauni is a voracious reader, and she looks forward to those stolen moments when she can curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.

Speaking Topics:

For Lunch or Dinner Events

Arresting the Joy Stealers
Most of us would love to live lives of joy, but often, people, circumstances, and our own emotions steal our joy. In this session, Sauni shares how God intends for us to be joyful people. She reveals the most common joy stealers, and she offers biblically-based ways of arresting those joy stealers.

Fresh Faith
Sometimes our faith can be challenged, and we find ourselves drifting from the faith we had as new believers. Or maybe, our faith has just become stale. In this session, Sauni shares how we can refresh and renew our faith, and experience again a strong relationship with the Lord.

LOVE: Loving Others; Valuing Everyone
One of the most challenging areas in relationships is communicating well, especially with those who are the closest to us. In this session, Sauni shares how truly valuing others leads to better listening, to better communication - and, ultimately, to avoiding conflict.

Peace: It's Not Just Another Sign
The world would tell us that we can find peace in things, in circumstances, in relationships. But true peace can't come from these. In this session, Sauni shares her personal story of her journey away from and back to the Father. Her story is one of hope, one of finding peace.

For One-day or Weekend Retreats

The Journey of Faith
A relationship with God is like a journey: It begins with joy and anticipation, but sometimes it travels through difficulties and crises. But like all journeys, it brings us home. Join Sauni on the Journey of Faith.

The Best Laid Plans
We're a society of planners, and we so easily get caught up in our plans, that we sometimes fail to see God's plan. In this session, Sauni takes a deep look at Jeremiah 29:11-13, and through biblical support, she reveals how God's plan is always good, always right, even when it may be different than our own.

Shape Up: Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength
Mark 12:30 tells us that we're to love the Lord with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength. In order to love Him and serve Him with our whole selves, we need to be in shape. In this session, Sauni shares both biblical and practical ways that we can shape up: heart, soul, mind, and strength.

For Special Occasions

Are You an Annual or a Perennial?
While annuals may bloom vibrantly, it's the perennials that keep a garden fragrant and rich with color. The same is true for Christians. In this session, Sauni shares how the Lord wants perennials, and how we can all learn how to serve Him daily and be the fragrance of Christ to everyone around us.

The Greatest Gift
Through all the festivities and busyness of the Christmas season, it's easy to forget what the holiday is all about. In this session, Sauni shares how the joy of Christmas can be found when we celebrate the true reason for the season, God's greatest Gift!

Mothers and Daughters: A Love Like No Other
There's nothing quite like the relationship between mothers and daughters. In this session, Sauni talks about this unique love as well as how those who may not have moms or daughters can find a similar kind of love

Other topics are available, and any of the above topics can be modified to meet your needs. Custom programs can be developed for your event's theme. A promotional package with full-length DVD is available upon request.


Sauni brought both encouragement and conviction when she spoke to our women about refreshing our faith. Her enthusiasm and passion were evident. We'd love to have her speak again!
Dianna Reynolds – Bethlehem Church, Los Alamitos

Sauni spoke at our women's retreat and from the moment she entered the room we knew we were in for something special. Her comedic and dramatic gifts brought her message to life as did her enthusiasm and passion for ministry. The women responded immediately to her warmth and her teaching was encouraging, challenging, and reflected the heart and love of Christ. I would recommend her highly. She is a delight!
Sharyn McDonald – Living Spring Christian Fellowship, Garden Grove

Sauni speaks about difficult and painful situations with honesty. She brings a feeling of safety, letting us know that we're not alone. The Lord clearly touches lives with her words. I know she helped me.
Catherine Berru – First Baptist Church, Downey

We had the privilege of having Sauni speak at our Spring Brunch. She challenged and encouraged our women to be "Perennial Christians" -- to thrive for God wherever we are planted all year long. Sauni is a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the chaos in our busy lives.
Alice Holbrook – Grace Church of Orange

We have heard back so many wonderful comments about the luncheon and Sauni's message. God is really working through her in this ministry. We all appreciate her obvious love for the Lord and thank her for sharing her joy with us.
Penny Good – Friends Community Church, Brea

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