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Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas Sharon Thomas has had a heart for Christ throughout her life and grew up as a vibrant young girl loving God and His church. Nevertheless, after graduating from college, and becoming a pastor's wife, she found life grew difficult. There were many unanswered questions and pain and grief surfaced. At 29 years old, while she struggled to make life "work", God stepped in and answered her prayer, to give her a hunger for His Word. Her life has never been the same!

Soon after, God clearly placed a call for ministry on Sharon's life. Through years of study, prayer, and experience, God was faithful in preparing her, and He birthed a speaking and teaching ministry in her called Established Footsteps, which is based on Psalm 119:133, "Establish my footsteps in Your Word, let no sin have power over me."

Sharon has a passion for cheering women on to love God's Word and showing them how to establish their daily steps in it. Whatever the event, she boldly speaks from the Word of God with sensitivity, humility and bits of humor, breaking it open with fresh insight and sharing real life stories designed for transformation. Her heart is to see women embrace the Word of God as a treasure, because she knows firsthand the power and life-changes it can produce!

Devoted to Christ and the ministry He has given her, Sharon has led retreats, conferences, weekly Bible studies and special events for women. She also enjoys bringing her love for the creative arts of drama and music into her ministry. She is the author of four Bible studies: Established Footsteps, Face to Face With His Lovingkindness, Loving Life and So Long Self. She has also authored numerous Bible Memorization Projects, dramatic sketches and several worship songs. Writing fresh messages for speaking and teaching is a joy, but she also has many existing messages that God has used in retreat and conference settings with great success.

Leading women in Truth is the joy and calling of Sharon's life. Wherever she speaks, there is a harvest of interest and study in God's Word. She knows His Word is the tool He will use to set women free! Sharon and her husband Marvin have been married 25 years and both now minister fulltime with Established Footsteps Ministry. They are the parents of two children, McKenzie and Sam, who are rich blessings from the Lord.


Messages and Teachings of Sharon Thomas
Established Footsteps Ministry

Crossing Over (3 messages)
Explores stories in John 11 which challenge believers to cross over from mediocrity to MORE in Christ.

New Strength (2 messages)
Calls believers to wait upon the Lord and gain new strength in daily living through a study of Isaiah 40.

Perfect Peace (3 messages)
Focuses on Isaiah 26:3, teaching practical strategies for living in peace.

Praying God's Word (2 messages)
Explores the Lord's Prayer and the power of praying in God's language, His Word.

Castles In the Sand (3 messages + 20 minute testimony/introduction)
Explores three questions based on II Corinthians 4:17-18 to help us live victoriously in this world.

Only the World (3 messages)
Explores three questions based on II Corinthians 4:17-18 to help us live victoriously in this world.

Established Footsteps (3 messages)
Looks carefully at the value of the Word of God in the life of a believer.

Filled Up (2 messages)
Using a coffee house theme, ministers the love of Christ through an intimate look at the life of Mary.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2 messages + 20 minute testimony/introduction)
Ministers the love of Christ through an intimate look at the life of Mary.

Honestly, Women Walking in Truth (3 messages)
Considers the walking process…first we sit, then stand, and then walk as we mature in Christ.

From Trash to Treasure (2 messages + 20 minute testimony/introduction)
Explores the truths of Colossians 3:1-17 to discover the new lifestyle we have in Christ.

Joyfully Walking in His Word (2 messages + 20 minute testimony/introduction)
Explores the truths of Colossians 3:1-17 to discover the new lifestyle we have in Christ.

Since Then… A Weekend for Women (2 messages + 20 minute testimony/introduction)
Explores the truths of Colossians 3:1-17 to discover the new lifestyle we have in Christ.

Isn't She Lovely (3 messages)
II Corinithans 3:18 and selected passages from Isaiah deliver a strong message of who we are in Christ.

Genuine (3 messages)
Different passages from Paul's writings explore how faith, love and power are genuinely expressed in our lives.

The Christian Woman's Bootcamp (3 messages)
Using a bootcamp theme and NT passages, encourages women to be spiritually healthy in faith, love and power.

Rest and Renewal (2 messages)
Encourages women to find rest and renewal in the power and presence of God through Psalm 42 and Isaiah 40.



Traveling Light
We were not designed for self care. We have a Shepherd! Listeners are encouraged in this Truth through a teaching of Psalm 23 and Isaiah 40.

A Mother's Prayers
Who is praying for your children? This message challenges mothers to a deeper level of prayer through Ephesians 3:14-21 and also shares practical ways to make prayer a reality in your life.

A Conviction of Hope
Living with hope instead of despair is possible! Powerful teaching from Psalm 27:13-14 is shared.

Simple Pleasures
God desires for us to find rest in Him and enjoy the journey. He has created simple pleasures for us to enjoy and these are encouraged through this teaching that focuses on spending time with Him.

Strapped in Tight
Life can be like a roller coaster and the Word of God is the security strap for our protection. This message inspires the believer to strap in tight for the ride.

Take a Deep Breath
What happens when we breathe in the Truth that God breathed out for us? Consider the message of II Timothy 3:16-17 and be set free to a life of peace and righteous living.

The Benefit of God's Word
Inspiring insight into the life of Mary Magdalene will spur listeners on to being devoted to the Word of God.

The Power of Christmas
The true "Christmas" has the power to change lives. Isaiah 9:2-7 is the scene in this message for considering the promise of "Christmas".

New Themes
Sharon loves to study and write new teachings. If you have a specific theme in mind, please contact us about it. If time permits, she may be willing to write a new message for your specific theme. Theme Support Ideas
Many of our retreat themes have a collection of ideas, songs, videos, activities and small group questions designed to make your retreat an impacting experience. Sharing our Experience
Lots of experience in leading retreats has yielded some great wisdom. We are happy to share what we have gleaned and believe it will help make your retreat a more impacting experience for all who attend.

"Your love of His Word shows and everyone wants to love it like you do. Thank you for sharing your life with us!"
Cynthia Crawford, Hampton, VA

"Sharon - our women were so tremendously blessed by you this weekend. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents and passion for God's Word with us!"
Deb Cornelius, West Chester, PA

"...Just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing your teaching was to me and the ladies this weekend. I heard first-hand conversations and application on Sunday morning as ladies were teaching Bible Studies or just sharing what you taught on. It was just the message we all needed to hear. Even our sound guy was blessed!"
Michele Chapman, Grand Prairie, TX

"Sharon ALWAYS draws women to God's Word - not to herself. I am so thankful she has been called to full time women's ministry, and I could not more highly recommend her as a guest speaker for Christian women's events."
Kippy Arcara, Yorktown, VA


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