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Sue Ferguson

Author, speaker, and life coach Sue Ferguson offers both help and encouragement. In The Power of One Hour, she invites you to reserve one hour a week for yourself - guilt-free.

Most women use the 168 hours in every week to serve their families, friends, and communities, yet shove their own interests aside. Plan a staycation? Take a three-month sabbatical? Try Sue's much more realistic solution: "It's OK to give yourself one hour a week."

In a friend-to-friend format, Sue shares captivating stories that will inspire you to experience the power of a weekly hour. Try it. No matter how you use it, you'll gain a fresh appreciation for your God-given talents and the way He multiplies your efforts.

The Power of One Hour brings hope - one purposeful hour at a time.

Becoming a Woman of Joy – A Scrapbooker Looks at Proverbs 31 illustrates the active role of God’s Word in Sue’s life. "Virtuous Val" taught her, and now teaches you, how to become the woman God created you to be.

Popular Topics:

Eyes to See
Human eyesight is limited, and often deceptive. Sharing life stories, from a Biblical perspective, Sue will help you gaze toward eternity.

Simple Study
Don't have time for in-depth Bible study? Think again. Sue will show you online resources that make meaningful topic, passage, and character studies quick and easy. Handouts include reproducible study sheets to guide your study.

Clothe Yourselves in Jesus Christ
Eve's famous, leaf-shopping trip introduced our on-going wardrobe challenge. With her assistance and Mrs. Noah's, Sue will share basic wardrobe essentials. Sue won't focus on dresses, stilettos, pearls or blue jeans; she'll guide you in selecting the wardrobe of your heart.

Shifting Seasons
Are you shivering in the cool distance that separates you from God? Or are you basking in the sunshine of His warm presence? Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall - Sue will share life-lessongs and practical tips to prepare for and weather life's storms.

Love to scrapbook? Never going to scrapbook? Regardless of your answer, Sue will motivate you to creatively illustrate and savor life-lessons in a venue that fits your personality and schedule. Learn to record God's activity in your life and joyfully share your rich experiences with others.

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