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Vicki Bryant

Vicki teaches Biblical truths in a variety of ways including character portrayals of Mary Magdalene, Martha of Bethany and Mephibosheth, an Old Testament character who learned first hand the true meaning of grace. She has done workshops on varied topics including Forgiveness, Divorce Recovery, How to Study and Apply the Word, Hopeless or Helpless and many more.

Vicki Bryant is passionate about her faith, her witness and teaching others the joy of daily time in God's Word. Her daily devotional, "For Such a Time as This..." was released in August of 2007. The book is a result of an early morning vision on January 27, 2007. The Lord showed Vicki the format, the front cover, the editors and even where to glean the entries. Six months later, she held the finished product in her hands and began to put it into the hands of others.

Her second book, "About Face!" was released in February, 2009 and is a book with basic foundational teachings on Scripture, Salvation and the Change Required for a full walk with Jesus Christ. Vicki's goal here was not to tickle ears but to teach the hard truths of subjects like the weakening Politically Correct church, Sin in the Camp, New Age Influences in the Pews and Spiritual Warfare's Manifestations.

November 2009 brought Vicki's third release: A Transforming Journey from Common Ground to Holy Ground will never be an easy one - because Change is Always Required. Do you hunger for a Deeper and more Intimate Walk with Jesus Christ? Are you tired of being Lukewarm and Stagnant? Are you willing to allow the Potter to Reshape, Reform and Remodel you? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then A Transforming Journey is the book for you. Designed to be used as a Daily Devotional in conjunction with a Bible, this volume takes the Reader from the Bondage in Egypt through the Wilderness Wanderings of the Hebrew people, and then into the Promised Land. Covering the five Old Testament books of Exodus through Joshua, and offering daily Insights and Applications, your Christian walk will never be the same once you make the decision to step from the Common Ground of this world onto the Holy Ground God is calling

Vicki has a unique testimony and didn't begin her walk with Christ until she was thirty-eight years old. With a past she is less than proud of, Vicki could hide her shame and tell no one of the difficulties she has faced. Instead, she strives to share her personal testimony from darkness into God's grace and light with others who need to know that new beginnings are absolutely possible.

Vicki loves to share the impossible mountains God moved in order for her to have her business, to write her book and to give her the confidence to share what He has done in her life. Bryant has one married son and three beautiful grandchildren, Tyler and Hailey along with grandson, Caleb, who joined the family in 2009.

Vicki's speaking topics are wide ranging but include:

Reflections of a Lovely Lady (Rahab the Harlot),

Common Ground to Holy Ground (Exodus Chapter 3),

Daughter of the King (Story of Queen Esther/Personal Testimony),

Poured Out (Mary and Martha),

Real Revival (2 Chronicles 29-30) and..

New Age/Occult Influences in the Church.