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Anita Gutschick

Women of the Bible is a dramatic presentation told through the diverse voices of women from the Old and New Testaments.  Anita Gutschick portrays these fascinating women in a way that makes their stories relevant to today's audiences.  She recounts their family sagas, shares their hopes and fears, and reveals how their faith in God - or their lack of faith - impacted their lives.  Anita concludes the program with her engaging and inspirational personal testimony.

Women of the Bible has great versatility and can be performed for large audiences or intimate groups. Men, women, and children are captivated by these timeless Bible stories. Anita's program is perfect for a weekend women's retreat, an evening's entertainment, a holiday gathering, or Sunday morning worship.


Anita Gutschick is an experienced stage actress who has studied acting, voice, and movement and worked professionally in video, film, and radio since 1989. She developed Women of the Bible in 1995 and it has become her most passionate vocation. God's grace has allowed her to share the messages of these biblical women with tens of thousands of audience members across the United States.

Anita has performed at hundreds of retreats, conferences, and programs for various denominations all across the country. Women of the Bible has been the focus of women's retreats at regional and national gatherings. Recently Anita was chosen to be a forum presenter at the 2012 Presbyterian Women's Gathering. Active in her church, Anita has served as a deacon, is trained as a Stephen Minister, and has participated in Bible Study Fellowship. In 2004 she took a Walk to Emmaus - De Colores!

Retreat Info
Invite Sarah, Martha, Ruth, and Elizabeth to speak at your event.  And perhaps Esther, Leah, and Abigail, too. Every one of them is a real character!  But actually, they're all Anita Gutschick. She doesn't have multiple personalities; she's just using her years of acting experience to bring Biblical women to life.

These women tell their compelling stories with humor, intrigue, and tears, and bring with them valuable life lessons about faith, hope, love, and forgiveness.

Anita challenges your women to "get real" in small group discussions, where they can identify with the characters or share their own stories. Custom-made workbooks are available and make a wonderful keepsake, as well as a tool to facilitate small group discussion.

Suggested Programs:

Too Old, Too Busy, Too Sinful ~ SARAH, MARTHA, SINFUL WOMAN
(Program length: Characters only - 65 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 90 minutes)

Sarah hobbles into the room and shares her story about having faith to go out when God calls you and not running ahead of God's plan. Martha comes scurrying through the audience, worried about serving her guests. She is concerned about her "to do" list but Jesus reminds her that she's overlooking the most important thing. The Sinful Woman confesses her sinful lifestyle and shares a remarkable story about grace and forgiveness at the feet of Jesus.

The program appeals to both men and women. The gospel message is vividly presented. It is a very
good choice for first-time bookings.

(Program length: Characters only - 60 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 85 minutes)

Rebekah sashays into the room. She's funny, self-centered, conniving, and a prime candidate for Al-Anon or family counseling. Her nose in everyone else's business, including God's - big mistake! The Samaritan Woman at the Well bursts into the room with exciting news: she has met Messiah. Though she has a shady past she can't wait to share the good news with those who have spurned her. Gentle Ruth describes how her life was transformed by love - by loving a man she was supposed to hate; loving her mother-in-law, loving the God of Israel, and despite a broken heart, loving again.

This program is humorous and light, and is perfect for a retreat's opening session or a family event.

(Program length: Characters only - 60 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 85 minutes)

Elizabeth and her husband, Zachariah, were both upright in the sight of the Lord, but had been incredibly disappointed by her long-term infertility. Yet miraculously, she becomes pregnant in her old age We meet Elizabeth as she bids farewell to Mary and awaits the arrival of her son, John. We learn from her story that nothing is impossible with God. Puah's in a dither - she's heard there's a baby about to be born. As a midwife, she springs into action. But when there's no expectant mother to be found, she recounts how she defied Pharaoh because she realized that the Hebrew God was the one to fear.Herodias can't sleep - another nightmare. A woman with a sense of entitlement and the need for revenge hatches a diabolical plan that becomes her undoing. Who Ya Gonna Serve? is a powerful, dynamic program that opens with delightful characters but closes on a somber, poignant note. This program is not recommended for young children but is great for both men and women. Some clients choose to use this program during Advent because a pregnant Mary is part of Elizabeth's story.
Pretty Is As Pretty Does ~ ABIGAIL, LEAH, BATHSHEBA
(Program length: Characters only - 60 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 85 minutes)

Abigail was a beautiful woman and that's all Nabal, her first husband, saw in her. But he's a brute and a fool. He puts his household in harm's way. Abigail's at a crossroads: stand by and watch her household be destroyed or take action and endure the wrath of Nabal. Listening to her story, we find out that being pretty isn't her greatest attribute. Leah stood in the shadow of her sister's beauty and wanted something she was never going to have her whole life and felt invisible. The truth was, she wasn't invisible to God.  It's tough being a military wife - a young and lonely Bathsheba makes a costly mistake.

The three characters deal with both the positive and negative aspects of beauty. This program is filled with humor, and is terrific for a women's event, but you don't have to leave out the men - it speaks volumes to them as well. Due to sexual innuendo, this program is probably not appropriate for young children.

(Program length: Characters only - 60 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 85 minutes)

Late, late for a very important date, that's Eve. It's her first therapy session and boy, does she need it! She's taken the rap all these years for introducing sin into the world and she's looking for answers. Shallow, spoiled, a vixen, an alley cat, that's Potiphar's Wife, and she's proud of it. You'll love to hate her! A woman plagued by demon possession is touched by the only man who can completely cure her - Jesus. Mary of Magdala becomes one of Jesus' disciples and we hear the Passion Week story through her eyes.

Fruit of the Tree is often used during Lent and as the closing program for a women's retreat. It starts out light and funny but ends with Mary's emotional rendition of the crucifixion and resurrection. This program is appropriate for men and women, but due to sexual innuendo in Potiphar's Wife, probably not suitable for young children.
The Wife, the Witch, and the Virgin ~ JOB'S WIFE, WITCH OF ENDOR, VIRGIN MARY
(Program length: Characters only - 60 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 85 minutes)

Jane is a mess. Where do we find her in the Bible? Actually, she's a modern-day character living in New York City, abandoned by her boyfriend and newly unemployed Her solution: her horoscope, pills and wine. But her mom boldly suggests that Jane try something new - the Bible. In desperation, Jane opens the Bible and like the children in C.S. Lewis' classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she is transported into another world where she meets Job's Wife, the Witch of Endor, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. In this fascinating new world she learns biblical truth and valuable life lessons.

This is a great program for all ages. Audiences that have seen Anita's other programs will be surprised to see that she never leaves the stage to make her costume changes. She transforms herself into each of the characters with very simple costume pieces and props.
(Program length: Characters only - 60 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 85 minutes)

Lydia, the wealthy purveyor of purple, opens the program with some fashion advice and relates how she found true freedom as a servant of Christ. Then the Woman Caught in Adultery is dragged into the room to be judged for her sin but receives her freedom when she comes face to face with Jesus. Finally, the stories of the woman who is freed from her long struggle with the issue of blood and Jairus's daughter who is freed from death are told through the eyes of Jairus's Wife.

This is Anita's newest program. This program is appropriate for men and women, although there is some sexual innuendo so it is probably not suitable for young children.
For Such a Time as This ~ QUEEN ESTHER, LOT'S WIFE
(Program length: Characters only - 30 minutes; with Anita's testimony* - 55 minutes)

It's not often a queen comes to visit, but Esther has an urgent message for us A poor orphan girl, she was plucked from obscurity and placed in a position of importance in a palace. That sounded like every girl's dream come true, until she discovered that she faced a life-or-death decision: speak up for her people and possibly lose her life or be silent and watch them lose theirs. Lot's on the move - angels have warned him to leave Sodom and he takes heed. Lot's Wife is another matter - she wants to hold on to the comfortable, the familiar, the past. For Such a Time as This is often chosen for Sunday morning worship. It's appropriate for all ages.

* Anita always includes her personal testimony for single performances. At retreats, she will give her testimony at the end of one of the selected programs. A second piece, "Lessons Along the Way" (10 minutes) is available for repeat clients and retreats. In addition, 10-15 minute "Reflections on the Women" are available for most programs performed in a retreat setting.


If you're looking for ideas for your weekend retreat or conference, consider booking Women of the Bible as the focal point for your event. Anita's performances offer a complete program that will entertain, educate, and inspire your participants.

~Start Friday evening off with:
Water Jars (Rebekah/Woman at the Well/Ruth)

~Continue Saturday morning with:
Mothers (Sarah/Martha/Sinful Woman)

~After lunch on Saturday
hold small group discussions
(Anita has questions available for each character to facilitate discussion)

~Continue Saturday evening with:
Stools (Elisabeth/Puah/Herodias)

~Finish Sunday morning with:
Esther/Lot's Wife/Anita's Personal Testimony


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