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Betty Southard

Betty Southard is a dynamic communicator who lives in the fullness of what God has taught her and shares from the abundance of what she has learned. Her spiritual depth is rooted in a lifetime commitment of prayer and over thiry years of Bible teaching. Besides leadership roles in her home church, teaching staff member for Christian Leasers Authors and Speakers Seminars, Betty is also a certified Spiritual Director. She holds a Master"s Degree from Fuller Seminary, in theology with an emphasis in family counseling.

Betty has a passion and expertise for communicating the importance of relationship with God and family. Along with many published articles and devotionals, Betty has authored three challenging, practical books , The Mentor Quest: Practical Ways to Find the Guidance You Need - Come As You Are: How Your Personality Impacts Your Relationship with God and The Grandmother Book. In both her speaking and writing, Betty merges her own life lessons with solid scriptural principles to bring inspiration and practical encouragement to all. Drawing from her years of parenting and grandparenting, she offers unique help for today"s family issues, along with encouragement in facing life"s unique trials.

Betty"s leadership experience in planning events makes her an asset to leaders who want to program designed to meet their group"s specific needs. You will find her an excellent choice as you work with her to plan your event and make a positive, lasting impact on your group!

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