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Ron McGehee & Kerri Pomarolli

Are you ready to have some serious fun? Laugh and learn as recently married comedians, Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli have you doubled over in laughter with their effervescence and energy. You will love their stories of when a Korean Irish Comic marries a Southern Belle Italian Comic who was secretly praying to marry an "Investment Banker" so she could "Submit to Not Going to work!" Kerri and Ron are entertaining, animated and between their wit and humor they are a comedy team whose side-splitting antics are purely presentational and uplifting.

These two professional speakers have been seen on Last Comic Standing2, Comedy Central, Over 25 times on The Tonight Show, ABC, NBC, TBN's comedy show "Bananas", CBN and many more. They bring professionalism from their Hollywood background working in today's top comedy venues but more importantly they have a passion for the Lord! Ron has made a name as one of the top youth comics working today and Kerri is one of the fastest rising Comedians in the business!

Both Kerri and Ron deliver strong messages of how they both gave God control of their lives and Hollywood careers and now are working full time with Jesus as their manager and loving every minute of it! Your audiences will walk away inspired and also with sore sides from laughing so hard! They have found comedy to be one of the best outreach tools churches can use today to reach out to the community.

As newlyweds they explore the comedic side of marriage but still are a great hit with single's groups as Kerri's the author of "If I'm Waiting On God Then What Am I Doing On the Christian Chatroom? Confessions Of A Do It Yourself Single", to be released in February 2006 by Zondervan Publishing.


Marriage and Singles Retreats/Conferences

Youth events

Women's ministries

Men's ministries

Church Outreach Events and much more.

Kerri and Ron both performed for our benefit "Night of Laughter" to raise money for children with Autism and other disabilities, and I they were sooo great. My audience gave us so many compliments on their performance. They kept the show clean, upbeat, and very timely with new material. I have seen them before and they just keep getting better it seems. I would highly encourage anyone who is thinking of using them for their church or especially secular event, to hire them."

Jennifer Hoffiz


Sensory Research Center-Torrance CA
Kerri and Ron are a wonderful new approach to comedy. They remind me of George Burns and Gracie Allen, another terrific husband/wife team. But even better, just by working together with funny and insightful jibes, they make subliminal statements about marriage, culture, ethnicity and plain human understanding--all in non-stop laugh mode. Quite an appealing package! They came on at the end of a long night after live auctions, golf awards, some music and dinner..not a great spot for comics...but in a couple of minutes they had the whole scattered crowd eating out of their hands (of course, they were handing out Krispy Kremes, but still). I'd love to share the bill with them anytime.

- Pat Boone
If you want to laugh hard and not feel like you have to wash your ears out with soap, you should find out where Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli are performing. They entertained us at our Pat Boone and Friends Golf Classic and it was so refreshing to relate to a couple who doesn't rely on shock value and being crude for a cheap laugh. What they do takes a lot more talent. Great fun!

- Lindy Michaelis, Ryan's Reach Board Member, Ryan's Mom and Pat Boone's daughter.
"Kerri and Ron together are a sight to behold. They compliment each other on all levels, especially spiritually. I would recommend Kerri and Ron for any event that you are planning for your organization, church, etc. You cannot go wrong with Ron and Kerri."
Melissa Riordan -

Secretary to Divisional Secretary of Women's Ministries for the Florida

Division USS Salvation Army

" Kerri and Ron were so entertaining and hilarious! We would see them again and again!"

Monika Moreno Chairman Angeles Film Christian Awards Hollywood

" Who knew Christians could be that funny and safe for the whole family?"

Gina Miller San Pedro -CA

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