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Doreen Hanna

Doreen Hanna is the President and Founder of Treasured Celebrations Ministries, the co-author of Raising a Modern Day Princess, and is a national motivational speaker. She was one of Women of Faith's first National Field Representatives emceeing many of their pre-conference events. For more than 25 years Doreen has been a Bible study teacher and counselor to women. She has been a contributing author for Families Can Bounce Back, Refined By Fire, and Women Mentoring Women. She is passionate to empower women of all ages to live blessed and adventurous lives. Doreen and her husband Chad, of 40 years, live in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. They have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters, who are the ultimate highlight to grandparenthood.

Popular Topics:

Woman! Walk in the Royalty you Possess
As Doreen has trained thousands of teenage girls in the last decade to become princesses many women have expressed, "We missed out, when you will do something for us?" The answer is now! Doreen is equipping seasoned women to enjoy their position as a princess in the eyes of their Heavenly Father and yet rule gracefully as the queen of their household.

The Challenges and Victory of Overcoming Addiction& Co-dependency
For more than 20 years Doreen and her husband Chad lived on the slippery slopes of alcoholism. Chad, a functioning alcoholic, managed to keep a high profile position in the hotel industry, while Doreen struggled to keep up a good front for their daughters, family, and friends. Today, they share (separately and together) how Chad came to the place of "looking in the mirror" to answer his own question "Why Me?" and the results of his recovery and the reconciliation of their marriage.

Revealing the Mystery Between The Sexes A Real Treasure
When did you last say, "Will I ever understand the opposite sex?" In this highly requested series, Doreen uses a personality profile and humor to equip her listeners to recognize their innate differences; providing keys to open communication in their valued relationships:
Husband/Wife - Loving, laughing and forgiving.
Father/Daughter - The power of validation.
Men/Women in the Workplace - Facing the challenge honorably.
Each topic can be spoken on separately as a 45 to 1hour topic, or combined for a one-day seminar or weekend retreat.

Are We Equipped To Empower The Next Generation?
As parents and grandparents, let us take a look at the generation that will some day rule our nation. How do we challenge a generation that is far beyond us in technology, has access to greater knowledge, and will someday make decisions that will affect our own future? Doreen answers these questions with the latest statistics seasoned with practical wisdom in guiding our children to become highly respected parents and leaders of our churches, communities, and nation.

Speaking Their Language - A Talk For Teenage Girls
Becoming a Modern Day Princess is every girl's heart's desire! Yet, how do we incorporate a royal way of living in today's society? Invite Doreen to share the answer with your teen girls! A fun talk that empowers them to embrace who they are!

**Your Unique Event**
Upon your request, a presentation can be created by Doreen for your special occasion.
All topics are 45-1 hour expect where otherwise indicated

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