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Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer is an author, Christian life coach, professional speaker and licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania. Her books include the upcoming 2013 release of 12 Relationship Mistakes Most Women Make . . . And How to Avoid Them. She is also the author of Taking Out Your Emotional Trash, A Gift of Mourning Glories: Restoring Your Life after Loss, How Not to Date a Loser. At the end 2013 her book for Christian Singles will be released 12 Smart Choices for Finding the Right Guy.

She is one of the women featured in the Extraordinary Women Bible Study DVD. Others include Lysa Terkeurst, Stormie Omartian, Jennifer Rothschild, Carol Kent, Michelle Hammond, Linda Mintle, Angela Thomas and Thelma Wells.
Georgia's story along with her photos are featured in the film Letters to God: She is a regular columnist for Christian Coaching Today Magazine and a board member of the International Christian Coaching Association. As a core part of the teaching staff on AACC's Professional Life Coaching Training DVD series, Georgia has shared her expertise in other AACC series such as Hope Coaching, Divorce Recovery, Caring for Teens God's way and Conquering Cancer, which she helped produce.

Her energetic style has resonated with listeners and viewers on national programs as The 700 Club, The Sharron and Hermann Show and Sky Angel's A Time for Hope and on the DVD "Jesus: Fact or Fiction?" Georgia speaks frequently at conferences, women's retreats and singles' and cancer survivor events helping people identify: "What needs to grow? What needs to go?" in their life. When she isn't writing, speaking, or coaching, Georgia enjoys spending time with her son's family and deciding what needs to grow or go in her scenic garden. She resides near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Time to Take Out the Trash:
Make a Clean Sweep of Those Negative Emotions

Did you ever have an experience when you knew better but you just "blew it"? What do you do with your hurts and frustrations or your feelings of anger and resentment? Georgia identifies practical strategies for "taking out the trash" before any pent-up emotions damage your health or your relationships. You will learn how to: Minimize the time you spend acting out your feelings.
Lighten the burdens that come with destructive guilt, anger, and shame.
Improve your ability to connect with others without the weight of emotional baggage.
Boost your physical reserves by experiencing more peace and joy.

Relational Blind Spots . . .
What You Don't See Can Hurt You

When you teach someone to drive a car, you always educate them about blind spots - large areas where objects cannot be seen. Yet, many of us aren't aware of our relational blind spots and the conflicts they can cause in our closest relationships. In this enlightening workshop, Georgia will help you:

Recognize your relational blind spots to avoid their destructive effects.
Utilize godly counsel to see what it is you can not see on your own.
Minimize behaviors that hinder deep meaningful relationships.
Identify with clarity those who have the capability to sustain a trusting long-lasting relationship.

Cultivate Caring Relationships

While research shows that people who have the love and support of family and friends are healthier and happier, most of us find these special relationships to be far from easy. God created us to be in relationship with others and in this message you will ways to cultivate and maintain loving relationships-even when it hurts. Learn how to:

Improve your emotional connections by recognizing your style of relating.
Identify the emotional needs of others to support them during difficult times
Minimize behaviors that create barriers in your closest relationships.
Reduce your vulnerability to loneliness by building a supportive social network.

Growing Through the Changes We Do Not Choose

Unwanted change can bring challenges. Have you or someone you know experienced divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job or your life style? How do we not only go through these painful seasons of life but grow through them? In this session, Georgia provides a 5-step approach that will empower you to:

Experience a heightened sense of God's peace and comfort when your dreams are shattered.
Navigate the obstacles you encounter as you rebuild your life.
Reduce your vulnerability to hopelessness by cultivating a supportive network.
Heal from past hurts and enhance your ability to begin anew.

Living with Passion and Purpose

What do you care about deeply? What desires, experiences, and talents has God given you? How are you unique? Living with passion and purpose while following God's vision for your life can you transform some of the most mundane moments into magnificent ones. Imagine how much richer your life would be if you were able to:
Confront the fears that prevent you moving outside your comfort zone.
Confidently assess which risks are worth taking and which are not.
Minimize the times you are driven by the distractions and demands of life in order to maximize the time you are focused on God's divine plans.
Experience the special joy of using your strengths, skills and talent to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Being a Mary in a Martha World
Is your life a mess and filled with stress? In Mark 6, Jesus invites us to come with him to a quiet place and get some rest. We can't eliminate stress, but like Mary we can carve out time to sit at the Lord's feet and refresh our soul. Discover how to be more intentional with your spiritual growth as you:
Clarify your personal style of connecting with God.
Enhance your ability to recognize God's hand in your daily life.
Increase your understanding of what emotional responses signal you are running on empty and you time to "be still."
Replace distorted beliefs about yourself and God with the truth of Scripture.

Suggested Themes For A Weekend Conference

Small group questions also available for each message

Unplug And Reconnect
With God, Yourself, and Others
Connecting with Self & Others... Cultivating Caring Relationships
Breakdowns in Your Connections... What's Causing Those Disconnects?
Connect with Your God-Given Passions and Purpose
Connecting with God

Extreme Makeover at Home
Clean Out Those Closets (It's Time to Take Out the Trash)
Transforming Renovations (Growing Through the Changes We Do Not Choose)
What's Your Style? (Live with Passion & Purpose)
Create a Place to Connect (Cultivating Caring Relationships)
A Faith Lift (Being a Mary in a Martha World)

What Needs to Grow…What's Needs to Go?
Cultivating the Changes You Do Not Choose
Cultivating Caring Relationships
Cultivating Your Spiritual & Emotional Health
Cultivating a Purposeful Life

Time To Take Out The Trash
Taking Out the Trash (Make a Clean Sweep of those Toxic Emotions)
God's Hidden Treasures (Growing Through the Changes We Do Not Choose)
A Key to a Treasure-Filled Life (Living with Passion and Purpose)
Cherishing the Treasures in Others (Cultivating Caring Relationships)
Unlocking THE Treasure (Being a Mary in a Martha World)

For Christian Singles

Blind Spots . . .
Heartache May Be Closer Than It Appears

When you teach someone to drive a car, you always educate them about blind spots-large areas where objects cannot be seen. Yet, many of us aren't aware of our relational spots when dating, so we overlook red flags. In this enlightening workshop, Georgia will help you:
See the whole person without getting blind-sided by the qualities that attract you.
Strengthen your ability to discern when a man or woman is trustworthy.
Utilize godly counsel to see what it is you cannot see on your own.

Balancing the Craziness of Romance
with the Sanity of Reason

Most of us are romanced by the idea of romance. Falling in love is intoxicating. But how do we enjoy the moment, appreciate romance, and love without getting swept away by the myth that these euphoric feelings will last forever? Georgia equips you to make wise choices by enabling you to:
Clarify what traits, such as faith, family, and honesty, are most important to you.
Recognize what qualities are needed for healthy committed relationships.
Assess with confidence the compatibility of those you date.

Confronting the "What ifs":
Practical Strategies for the Challenges of Singleness

What if I never find someone to love me? What if I never have children? What if I get sick and can't support myself? Our what ifs are often as unique as we are. Georgia provides valuable guidance to help singles explore their options and answer questions, such as "What will my life look like if I never get married?" In this session, you will learn to:
Confront your relational fears to reduce feelings of neediness and desperation.
Minimize doubts or anxieties that hinder your ability to connect with others.
Experience a heightened sense of God's comfort in spite of uncertainty.

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