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Jan Silvious

Jan is an author and speaker with a passion for offering hope and encouragement to those who are stuck in their life circumstances. Through her books, Jan gives practical, biblical tools to those who are floundering in deep water. She shouts, "Grab hold and swim toward safe shore."

Jan has authored nine books:
Understanding Women—A Book for Men
Please Don't Say You Need Me – Biblical Answers for Codependency
Please Remind Me How Far I Have Come (OOP)
The Five-Minute Devotional—Meditations for Busy Women
Fool-proofing Your Life – Wisdom for Untangling Your Most Difficult Relationships
Moving Beyond the Myths – Hope and Encouragement for Women
The Guilt-free Journal
Look At It This Way
Big Girls Don't Whine – Growing Up and Going On

Jan speaks nationally and internationally in conferences and seminars. Her practical, bottom-line teaching meets women where they are. With cutting edge illustrations, low-key humor and a keen depth of biblical insight, Jan is able to help people move from where they may be stuck to where they want to be. She has spoken for Moody Founder's week, Moody Women's Conferences, Precept Ministries' National Convention, and has been a guest speaker for Women of Faith and spoken at their Pre-conferences. She has also spoken for numerous women's events and church conferences across the country.

Jan's ministry has been characterized by several of her colleagues:

"I have never known anyone who expressed the God-given gift of wisdom in a more practical way than Jan Silvious. She has a unique way of planting celestial Truth on terrestrial ground that invites anyone to dig in."
Beth Moore – Livingproof Ministries

" Jan has a way of getting to the bottom line. She is like a searchlight moving over the dark waters looking for a response to the all-encompassing questions she loves to ask: "Where is it written? Where is the truth? Where is the lie?"
Kay Arthur –Precept Ministries

" Jan is trustworthy and informed, making her one of the most effective in women's ministry today."
Babbie Mason – Singer, songwriter, author

" Jan speaks the liberating language of the bottom line. I like that. Yes, I like that a lot! Her truth telling cuts right through the enemy's nasty schemes."
Patsy Clairmont – Women of Faith speaker, author

Jan and Charlie Silvious, an engineer, have been married since 1966, and they make their home near Chattanooga, TN. They have three grown sons and five grandchildren.

Popular Topics:

Big Girls Don't Whine
Every little girl wants to be a big girl. But once we have grown up and life becomes stressful, it's easy to revert to little-girl behaviors -- pouting, neediness, manipulation, even whining. Big girls know how to live while little girls want someone to fix their lives for them! Learn to be a big girl and love it!

Fool-Proofing Your Life
The world is filled with difficult people. It is impossible to avoid them. Gain the tools you need to get along with others and conduct your relationships in a manner that honors God. Insights from the book of Proverbs can help you deal effectively with the impossible people in your life.

Look At It This Way
Jan explores truths that can help us reframe the way we think, breaking us out of our self-pity, anger, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness and equipping us to deal with the events, circumstances, and people in our lives in a healthy and positive way.

Please Don't Say You Need Me

People in co-dependent relationships are usually confused by conflicting emotions. At the same time, they feel trapped between wanting to love and care for someone else and needing to escape from that person's suffocating demands. Co-dependency can exist in any kind of relationship—this talk offers practical, biblical help.

When All Else Fails, Read the Directions
Jan will take us from where we are (no matter where that might be) to where we can be in this practical, biblical approach to living life
with confidence, peace, trust and courage. She believes, "Anyone can live it, if they will!"

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