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Jerry Ackerman

Jerry first began ministering to teenagers as a 7th grade teacher at Sunset Beach Christian School in Haleiwa, Hawaii upon graduation from Milligan College in Tennessee. He married his beautiful wife, Mitzi, and they both traveled there as newlyweds to teach.

While there, Jerry accepted God's call on his life to enter into full-time ministry within a local church setting. After a year of teaching in Hawaii, and through God's hand on the matter, Jerry became the Youth Pastor at Abbeyville Road Christian Church in Lancaster, PA and then as an Associate Pastor at Delaware Valley Christian Church in Media, PA. It was during the Lancaster years in which Jerry began gaining more speaking engagements at camps and conventions.

After eight years of local church ministry, Jerry took the role of Director of U.S. Operations at Impact Ministries International. There, he spoke in many venues through the campus ministries and other ministries which Impact was involved.

Now, with partner Rob Marmion, Jerry is leading his own encouragement ministry to pastors and missionaries called Barnabas Project. As President of the Barnabas Project, Jerry began gaining even more speaking engagements. It was only natural that Jerry follow his passion and begin an affiliate of the Barnabas Project as Jerry Ackerman Ministries.

Jerry has been speaking nationally for nearly ten years. Speaking to different audiences - teenagers, adults, and children - Jerry's gifts allow him to relate and connect with any audience regardless of age. His down-to-earth style is engaging, humorous, practical, and passionate. Jerry's style is one that has been said is "easy to listen to," "engaging," and "inspiring." One of the premiere speakers to teenagers, Jerry looks forward to sharing the message of God's grace to this growing and upcoming generation.

Popular Topics:

Teen Programs

Take a Second Look series. This series focuses on four aspects in taking a second look at the Cross, our view of God, dating, and our future. This series is biblically-based with the theme being living a life of grace.

Hear Any Beeps? This talk or series focuses on an issue that has been done a hundred times - dating. Jerry, though, gives a fresh perspective on dating and the opportunities that God has in store for your future. Through eight provoking questions, teenagers are called to see if they hear any beeps in their dating life.

Combating Fear in a World in Downward Spiral. This talk or series of talks focuses on what every teenager must wonder since 9/11 - "What is going on?" Through practical steps, Jerry takes the audience through ways we as Christians need to combat the fear of a world seemingly out of control. Only knowing the peace of God will we be able to put the world's events in perspective.

7 Best Smells. Sure, they're his favorites, but watch how he weaves the seven best smells (or so he thinks) into God's marvelous plan for your life.

CHOAS: A Christian Perspective. North Korea, Katrina, Hezbollah, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, ... when the wheels of the world seem to be falling off, what are we to do? In this four-part series, Jerry tackles current day chaos by exploring the reality of present-day chaos, our instincts to it, our response, and the Hope we have through it.

Adult Programs

Good to Godly Marriage series. This wonderful series teaches God's desire for us to have Godly marriages. Many today are living a "good" marriage that can actually not be healthy or biblical. This series describes practical ways to transform your marriage into a Godly one.

Operating Out of Grace. As Christians, we often treat others as sinners which gives ourselves permission to avoid, ignore, or become prideful toward others' mistakes and sins. Living in grace means we understand the sin in their life, realize we have our own, and walk with them - hand in hand - toward God's resolution. This series could change the way you look at life and others.

Designing Space in Your Life. We are busy people, yet that is not what God has called us to be. He has called us to "love Him" with all of our heart, soul, and mind. How can we, as Christians, live a life with space? In the midst of schedules, appointments, parties, agendas, and meetings, how can we make space for our lives? In this seminar, you will not only learn practical ways design such a life, but you'll hear how to choose anything else is a step toward devestation.

Spiritual Disciplines. A weekend conference can be made through Jerry's ability to communicate every believer's need to seek God - first. Often, we think ministry is first; instead, God has called us to seek Him passionately. Through teaching on fasting, memorizing God's Word, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines, you will be challenged to raise the level of your spiritual walk.

Jerry also crafts unique talks to any topic or theme your organization desires.

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