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Kim Bolton

Welcome to Girlville!! - Kim Bolton is one of the most gifted and extraordinary speakers to Women today. She delivers a message that will feed your soul and tickle your funny bone! National Speaker and Author of “Conversations at the Girlville Diner”, Kim uses her humor-filled stories about faith, relationships, family and everyday life to bring roars of laughter and tears of conviction.

The word "Girlville" and Kim Bolton now go hand in hand as a place to receive a heaping helping of humor and hope. Topped off with Kim’s incredible music and worship, Girlville is a fabulous “dining” experience. Spice it up! Let Kim Bolton take your ladies to Girlville - is a place where every woman can be refreshed, laugh, and enjoy some real soul food. Called to Inspire, Influence and encourage, Kim Bolton is must have keynote speaker - a first choice favorite.

In her presentations, Kim's goal is to communicate God's love in a style and manner that will minister to the needs of women today. As a speaker, Kim has the delightful ability of blending humorous stories with the truth of God's Word. Kim talks with humor, frankness, and insight about things that women share – fears, faith and family in her new book called "Conversations at the Girlville Diner" (Waterbrook Press).  

Kim lights a spark of joy and laughter with contagious love and energetic Southern charm. Your tears of compassion will soon turn into tears of joy as Kim shares how God has moved mightily, but compassionately, in her own life. As Kim recounts how her moments of despair turned to victory, she will ignite your spirit with a renewed love for both your Father God and your precious family. You won’t soon forget the stories Kim shares as they sink into the recesses of your heart and leave you forever changed.

Through humorous stories she reminds us that we can have a faith and hope filled families. The Holy Spirit is using her to touch women's lives with her down to earth realness.   Kim has just ministered with Ann Graham Lotz, Jaye Martin, Rhonda Kelley, Annie Chapman, Kay DeKalb Smith, Alicia Williamson, Mary Whelchel, Kathy Peel, Lucy Swindoll, Babbie Mason and a host of others.  This rare coupling of powerful speaking abilities and the heart of a psalmist have made Kim a highly requested guest artist and speaker for women’s conferences, retreats and special events.

Kim is a wife of Tony for 23 years and mother of four children and relates well to the desires and demands placed on parents today.  Kim is sure to usher your group into an unforgettable experience of worship and a renewed spirit of joy. Whatever the emotion Kim stirs in her audience, they will always leave the experience changed by her faith!

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