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Peg Rankin

Peg Rankin, from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, makes her home with her husband Lee in a high-rise overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day the Rankins can see New York City in the distance and the empty spot where the Twin Towers once stood.


Carrying out the responsibilities of wife, mother, and grandmother, combined with years of experience on the national and international speaking circuit, has given Peg insight into the needs of the contemporary Christian woman. Her dynamic personality, love for the Lord, and reverence for God’s Word captive listeners everywhere. She is best known for her creative Bible teaching, which she wraps in love, humor, and God’s timeless wisdom. Speaking right to the heart, Peg makes the Bible come alive in new and fresh ways.


One of Peg’s passions is to take deep spiritual truths and make them as easy-to-understand as possible. She is the author of seven books, including the best-selling Yet Will I Trust Him (Acknowledging the Sovereignty of God in Times of Need). In her latest work, A Balancing Act (Living Free within God’s Sovereignty), Peg explains how God’s sovereignty and man’s freedom work together to achieve God’s purposes. During her travels, Peg has been featured on numerous television and radio shows. She often team-teaches with her husband Lee, a retired business executive. Together they offer a variety of seminars for mixed audiences.


Whether Peg is ministering with her husband or speaking by herself, her enthusiasm can be contagious. “It is God’s Word that does the work that counts for eternity,” Peg says, “not the expertise of the speaker. So I never travel without my Bible.”


Popular Topics: Sample seminars are listed below. Each seminar consists of three or more one-hour sessions. Peg will tailor each seminar to your scheduling needs.


THANKS BE TO GOD: for sending us a Savior from sin, for procuring for us a place in God's plan, for enduring for us the horrors of  Hell, and  for granting us glimpses of His glory


YET WILL I TRUST HIM: accepting the sovereignty of God in times of need


GLORIFY GOD AND ENJOY HIM FOREVER: fulfilling the purpose for which God made us


FRAZZLED, FRACTURED AND FRAGMENTED: setting proper priorities


STEP INTO THE WATER: relinquishing control to God’s Spirit


MAKING SENSE OF EVIL: seeing how God works good and holy purposes in the darkest of human deeds


IN HIS HANDS: what it means to have Christ as Sovereign, Shepherd, Servant, and Savior


LIVING IN LIGHT OF ETERNITY: appropriating future victories to present problems and uncertainties


LORD, TEACH ME TO PRAY: how to commune with God appropriately and effectually


OUCH! IT STILL HURTS: banishing bitterness by letting Christ do the forgiving through us


MY ANCHOR HOLDS: what to do when feelings fluctuate, faith falters, and friends fail


MAKING OUR DAYS COUNT: investing in things that have lasting significance


WITNESSING NATURALLY: letting God take the lead as we share our faith with the lost


BEHOLD THE KING OF GLORY: marveling at the majesty of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament as well as in the New. (For a taste of this seminar, go to and scroll down to October 7-9, 2011)


Travels From: New Jersey