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Rachel Olsen

At My Core
I'm a word-lover who has fallen in love with the Word Made Flesh. I am a Christ-follower seeking to live well, savor this gift of life, and hear Him say my "well done" at the end.

I'm not into perfectionism - I'm into crafting a satisfying life that honors God. What energizes me is helping others do the same.

My husband and I live with our two children on the North Carolina coast.

I adore wisdom and wit, crafting words, meeting with women, making connections and creating forward momentum. So my choices of vocation will not surprise you: I teach, I speak, I write and I coach.

About Me
I wholeheartedly know that transformation is possible, but focus is required. I co-lead the My One Word movement along with my pastor and co-author Mike Ashcraft. For the past eight years my church, my friends, my family and I have chosen one word to be our focus for our year. This spiritual exercise helps you see God's work in your life and participate in it - this will change you.

I hold an undergraduate degree in journalism and a master's degree in communication studies from Regent University. I've been on the faculty of the University of North Carolina in Wilmington since 2000. I'm working on my fourth book.

I worked more than a decade with Proverbs 31 Ministries as a speaker and writer. I also served as Editor in Chief of the online devotional "Encouragement for Today." Now I'm branching out, writing books, speaking across the country, and coaching others to create the lives they are meant to live.

My writing is currently featured at places like the Women's Reflect app, the my K-LOVE app, the Huff-Post Religion blog, and the new NIV Real Life Women's Devotional Bible.

What Others Say:

"Rachel was wonderful! I've heard lots of positive comments from the women who attended. They wanted to know: 'How did you find her? We loved her!'"
Jaci Gordon, Lutheran Church of Hope in IA

"Everyone loved Rachel at our retreat. Young singles to elderly women could apply to their own lives the Scriptural truths she wove through her life experiences. We hope to have her back again!"
Barbara Pinkham, Covenant United Reformed Church in NC

"Rachel is an excellent example of a woman in Christ. She was entertaining, insightful, and on point."
Feedback from a retreat participant from New Life Church in MD

Speaking Topics:

Change Your Life - with just one word
(Conference or Keynote)
You want to change. I want to change. We're called by God to change, and become more like Him. But changing is hard. In this topic, based on my latest book My One Word, I'll help us get in the necessary head and heart space to position ourselves for transformation. Then I'll share the spiritual exercise called My One Word and how to do it. Do you find each day keeps blurring into the next with no real growth occurring? Let me help your group do something about one thing this year. You'll ...

  • - Learn the difference between self-improvement and gospel change.
  • - Discover the two keys to change and how to put them into practice.
  • - Walk away with a clear, singular focus for the year ahead and a renewed hope in your ability to grow.

Discussion questions and PowerPoint presentations are available for this year-round topic.

Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends
(Conference or Keynote)
The most requested topic from my book It's No Secret has been "Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends." Women need one another. But friendships can be hard to start and tricky to navigate. The solution is not isolation, but healthy interdependence. With Bible in hand, and experience as a biblically trained life coach, I can help your group develop and deepen healthy friendships. You'll ...

  • - Discover the one thing you need to remember about everyone.
  • - Learn why you don't and why you should ask for help.
  • - Determine how to respond when a friend betrays.
  • - Rekindle your desire to connect with others.

Adjust Your Scale
(Conference or Keynote)
A frequently requested topic from my book It's No Secret book has been "Adjust Your Scale." Perfectionistic much? Me too - I totally get it. Some of us are perfectionists in certain areas of our lives; others of us don't even realize we harbor this tendency. But we all struggle with it to a degree. With the Bible, and experience as a biblically trained life coach, I will help your group align their personal standards with God's. You'll ...

  • - Learn the different ways perfectionism plagues us - some may surprise you.
  • - Discover the secret to perfection in God's eyes - it's not what you think.
  • - Find and step onto a path to better living.

Discussion questions and PowerPoint presentations available with all sessions.

Additional Topics: As a conference and retreat speaker for over a decade, I've covered many topics. If you'd like to request a specific topic, I'm happy to consider it. I'd be honored to serve you.

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